For a quote, please contact us using the Contact Form indicating the dimensions of the cuts you are interested in. 

Antler burr and beam                                                                                                           Antler points

Antler points                                                        Antler canes

As well as exporting antlers, we also have a team of skilled workmen with many years experience of cutting  antlers for knife handles. 

By buying pre-cut, the advantages for you are enormous:

  • Saves you time and money by reducing your labour costs


  • Saves you money as approximately 20% of the antler cannot be used.

  • Saves on freight cost.  This is a much more economical method to ship the antlers as whole antlers are bulky and you end up paying freight on empty space.  Also, you won't pay freight on the 20% waste antler. 


  • Saves you storage space.

Antler rolls cut from the beam                                                                                  Antler Scales cut from the beam