​Grade C antlers have a weathered appearance and may be whitened from the sun.  Some antlers may also be cracked or broken.  

Grade A Antlers

Grade AA Premium Antlers

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A by-product created from the cutting of dog chews and knife handles which creates powder.   This powder is collected automatically by the bandsaw via a suction attachment and is 100% free of any impurities.  

Red Deer Antler Pairs

​Grade A antlers are large, fresh and hard with a good colour.

Length  75-85cm

Burr diameter 5-7cm
Weight  <750 grammes

Red Deer Antler Powder

Red Deer Antler Smalll Pieces & Offcuts

Grade B Antlers

RED DEER ANTLERS (cervus elaphus)

Grade C Antlers

Red Deer Antler Burrs

​Grade B antlers are equally as fresh and hard as grades AA and A.  The only aspects that sets them apart is that they are smaller antlers and may not have such a rich colour.  

Length  50-70cm

Burr diameter 3-5cm
Weight  >750 grammes

​Premium AA graded antlers are the largest antlers and come from the oldest stags.  Their rarity and size make them the most valued.  

Length 85-100cm

Burr diameter more than 7cm
Weight  2-3kg